rainbow end

Yesterday the 21st of November the year 7’s at point england school went to rainbows end theme park for an end of year celebration.At  9:00 the year 8’s left the year 7’s and to start there projects.At 9:15 the year 7’s went to go leave,at 9:40 the year 7s sat and waited for the gates to open.  


My favorite ride was the gold rush ride.I enjoyed the fast pace twists and turns and the part where it throws you off in that it was as you were looking forward and there’s a bit of track and it went the other way.


My 2nd favorite ride was the bumper boats.It was fun to bump people around in slightly hard to control boats and get wet at the same time.


My least favorite(that I went on) ride was the bumper cars.There is nothing wrong with it but the bumper boats did it better.


This is the end of my recount of my time at rainbows end goodbye.


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