An adult Wedge taíled eagle hovered in the sky as large, puffy clouds rolled quickly south and the day drew close to noon. It was autumn and the gum trees on the ridge were making their annual donation of brown stained leaves to the wet surface below. In the distance, a herd of cattle moved slowly in Indian file towards their favourite resting spot near the creek’s edge.

It was here that the Jones family were busily preparing the picnic lunch which they would share with their overdue guests, the Harris family. At l. 15 p.m., exactly 60 minutes late, Mr and Mrs Harris and their three children arrived. Mr Jones had already collected enough Wood to light a to boil the billy.

Meanwhile, as the four adults chattered around the fire site, the seven children played cricket close to the babbling water of the creek.

1. This story could have happened in the month of?autumn

2. What animals are mentioned in the story? Cow and eagle

3. Write the words from the story which tell us that it had rained the wet surface below

4. How many children are in the Jones family?5

5. The wedge-tailed eagle was flying in the sky at about what time?noon

6. Why was the herd going to the creek?to rest

7. At about what time was the Harris family expected to arrive?14pm

8. Mr Jones lit the fire so they could have a barbecue lunch True OR False?FALSE

9. From which direction was the wind blowing?south

10. What would they have to drink at the picnic?water

11. Was there movement in the air or was the air still?there was

12. Give proof for your answer to question 11.clouds rolled over

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