OLD BILLY – (Answer each question in the space below)

l. In which country did Billy live? australia

2. What word in the story tells us that Billy lived alone?alone

3. What was Billy’s cart made from?wood

4. Tommy did not like to work in his garden. True OR False?FALSE

5. What word tells us that the path to Tommy’s house was not smooth?stoney

6. How did Billy know if Tommy was home?he would look at the chimney

7. This story took place about (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60) years ago? 60

8. How many times would Billy go to Piperidge with wood in a month?3

9. Why couldn’t Billy take his horse and cart to Tommy’s house?the bridge was too narow

10. Which word tells us that Billy lived close to the town of Piperidge’â It would on the way to pipebridge

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