Year: 2022

living the dream

Living the Dream

Highlight the correct answer, or type in what you think is correct.


  1. What does NASA stand for?


  1. a) North American Space Association  
  2. b) National Aeronautical & Space Association
  3. c) National American Sports Association
  4. d) No Aliens Seen Anywhere


  1. What is Mana Vautier’s job at NASA? 


  1. a) Astronaut Engineer        b) Aeronautics Agent
  2. c) Aeronautic Engineer        d) Aeronautics Agent


  1. What caused the space shuttle Columbia to crash in February 2003?


  1. a) was not flown correctly b) damage to right wing
  2. c) damage to left wing d) nobody knows


  1. Describe what the word international means when we talk about the International Space Station:


→for international science 



  1. True or False: The International Space Station is 500km above the Earth’s surface.


  1. a) True b) False


  1. How many times does the International Space Station circle the Earth every day?


  1. a) One time b) Four times
  2. c) Twelve times d) Eighteen times


  1. Explain why the International Space Station has to withstand extreme temperature changes?


→ it can change form freezing cold to boiling hot.


  1. What are the 5 steps to becoming a NASA Astronaut?First of all, you need to be a

1.First of all, you need to be a

United States citizen and have a degree

in science, technology, engineering,

or maths. 

2.two: If your application

is successful, you go through

several rounds of interviews

and medical checks.

3.three: Next up is two years of basic

astronaut training. This involves learning

how to fly jet planes, survival training, and

studying how spacecraft work. You also

need to learn how to scuba dive … oh, and

speak Russian.

4.If you pass your basic

training, you’re ready to become

an astronaut. But don’t say

goodbye to everyone just yet – it

could be a few years before you’re

selected for a mission.

5.If you pass your basic

training, you’re ready to become

an astronaut. But don’t say

goodbye to everyone just yet – it

could be a few years before you’re

selected for a mission.


  1. What kinds of things do you think humans will do in space in the future?


→ explore a lot and set up braces round the solar system and hopefully not nuke each other

thank you letter


My name is Flynn and  and i amd in room 7 at point england school. Last week on monday,we went to MOTAT.I am writing  this letter to thank you for being a helper at our school trip.

My favourite part of motat was the tram ride because i liked how the tram driver explained where the tram used to go.liked how he had to switch cabels because there was no modern technology so he had to just switch cables.

somethng else I liked was coding the mbots. after that we could put lego on it and make them battle and the only battle i did i lost.I liked how the mbots coud detect the other mbots and run at it.

I really appreciate you helping us at motat becuse I havent ben there in along time and you made it posable.I liked how our group got to walk around and see alot of theing with you because you are amazing.

From flynn



last week my class went to MOTAT . at MOTAT we coded and looked at a lot of  old tech and transport.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone  Alternative Ending

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone 

Alternative Ending


Over the last two terms we have been reading the first adventure in the Harry Potter series, and we have reached a climactic moment in the story, where the antagonist will be revealed.


Your job in this task is to write the end to our story.


Harry, Hermione and Ron have been on a mission to discover who is trying to steal the Philosopher’s Stone, and have passed through a series of magical challenges, set by the Hogwarts’ professors, the last of which was to choose between different bottles, some dangerous, some safe, and only one that will let them through to the next room. There is only enough for Harry to pass through safely..


Hermione turned and walked straight through the purple fire. Harry took a deep breath and picked up the smallest bottle. He turned to face the black flames. ‘Here I come… ’ he said, and drained the little bottle in one gulp. 

It was indeed as though ice was flowing through his body. He put the bottle down and walked forward; he braced himself, saw the black flames lick his body but he couldn’t feel them – for a moment he could see nothing but dark fire – then he was on the other side, in the last chamber. 

There was already someone there, but it wasn’t Snape. It wasn’t even Voldemort… 


Begin writing your ending here: as  soon as he walked in he saw that nobody was there and the stone was just sitting there alone and as soon he was going to grab it some appears out of nowhere and scars harry but Dumbledore was there with the stone the one that harry had disappeared  harry was relieved to see that Dumbledore was there and they lived happily ever after .

this week I was learning about  harry potter

response to text

Video Games

Highlight the correct answer, or type in what you think is correct.


  1. What is the name of a specialised device used to play a video game at home?


  1. a) PC 
  2. b) Controller
  3. c) Console
  4. d) Video Game


  1. What is the best selling video game console of all time? 


  1. a) Xbox       b) Nintendo 64
  2. c) Playstation 2     d) Playstation 5


  1. Console games which have been recreated so they can be played on PCs are called?


  1. a) Emulsions           b) Emulators
  2. c) Transistors d) Emotional Damage


  1. What are the two reasons people like to play old games on their PC?


→the consoles won’t have new games

→it might run smoother 


  1. True or False: Video games used to come on cartridges.


  1. a) True b) False


manufacturer a person or company that makes goods for sale. The manufacturer  is making things
download an act or process of downloading data. I am going to download this game
designed planned or conceived in detail or for a specific purpose This is designed to cut wood 


  1. Explain: Do you think video games are good for kids? Explain why,or why not.


→i think video games are  good for kids because  it can give them faster reaction and time better problem solving skills and much more.