Nick and Mike: Choosing the Right Words

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Communication skills:

  • Communicating clearly and effectively online
  • Using appropriate language, tone, and formatting
  • Expressing oneself in a clear and concise manner
  • Being clear and transparent in communication to build trust with others online
  • Being open to feedback and willing to listen to others in order to maintain trust in online relationships.


What happened in the story (brief summary):
Nick wanted a phone for his birthday but his mum was looking at his messages  and that proved if he would get it or not.He loved chatting with his friend mike but mike would use offensive language at the bosses that killed him in the game. Nick feared that his mum would  see Mike’s messages  and think that was the way he acted so he wrote a message to Mike and it said that he should stop using the  offensive language and that ruined the friendship between them.then we went to school the next day and  fixed it between them with a happy ending.
Did you like the story? Why or why not?
I liked it because it teaches u how to be safe on the internet
What could have been done differently in the story?
A nicer message by nick mike not using the offensive language
What did you learn from the story?
Don’t use offensive language on the internet or in real life .

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