Month: February 2023


Here are our  number visuals.we colour the mulatpills of ,2 green,3 orange 4 purpole

and so on. we  coloured prime numbers blue. bye


Fortnite is a battle royal free for all shooter game.There are two game modes, arena the more competitive one and battle royal which is the more casual one which you can switch between builds and zero builds.Some of the guns in the loot pool are shockwave hammer which is a great tool to move from place to place the tac pistol,thunder shotgun,DMR and the scar.the heals are some of the most important things in this game you get 100 health and 0 shield at the start of the game you find heals scattered around the map and in chests some of the heals in the loot pool is med pack,small shield,big shield,badges and slurp juice.
The game play consists of landing somewhere on the map finding guns and loot fighting other players. If you win the fight you can get the stuff they have maybe they have upgrades then you might win the game.
Fortnite glitch allows players to have infinite Victory Royales, here's how
A win


this is my writing about fortnite.