Day: July 6, 2022

thank you letter


My name is Flynn and  and i amd in room 7 at point england school. Last week on monday,we went to MOTAT.I am writing  this letter to thank you for being a helper at our school trip.

My favourite part of motat was the tram ride because i liked how the tram driver explained where the tram used to go.liked how he had to switch cabels because there was no modern technology so he had to just switch cables.

somethng else I liked was coding the mbots. after that we could put lego on it and make them battle and the only battle i did i lost.I liked how the mbots coud detect the other mbots and run at it.

I really appreciate you helping us at motat becuse I havent ben there in along time and you made it posable.I liked how our group got to walk around and see alot of theing with you because you are amazing.

From flynn



last week my class went to MOTAT . at MOTAT we coded and looked at a lot of  old tech and transport.