Day: March 4, 2022

Antarctica movies

Antarctica – Questions

Please read the article on Antarctica here before answering the questions.


Eight Below


1) Which character does Paul Walker play? 

  1. a) Jerry Shepard b) Cooper
  2. c) an American geologist d) Brian O’Conner


2) Who gets left in Antarctica to survive on their own?

  1. a) The people b) The Dogs


3) What score out of 100 did the movie get on Rotten Tomatoes? 

  1. a) 3/100 b) 3%
  2. c) A VERY LOW SCORE d) Not sure, so I asked Miss Tuiā and she gave me the evils


Happy Feet


4) What is the name of the main (penguin) character? 

  1. a) Memphis b) Norma
  2. c) Mumble d) Pengu


5) The movie is about a penguin who can’t ______? 

  1. a) Dance b) Fly
  2. c) Sing d) Make friends


6) What score out of 10 did the movie get on IMDB?

  1. a) 76% b) 77%
  2. c) 6.5% d) 4/10


March of the Penguins


7) Which filmmaker made the movie? 

  1. a) Morgan Freeman b) Luc Jacquet
  2. c) A penguin d) Migi Siō


8) What is this movie about?

  1. a) Penguins in the month of March b) Penguins learning to March
  2. c) Penguins or something like that d) Penguins journing to their breeding grounds


9) What score did it get on Rotten Tomatoes

  1. a) 7.5/10 b) 5/5
  2. c) 94% d) Way more than 8 Below